How to Have a Successful Bead Embroidery Project

Embroidery is a handicraft that became a popular hobby all over the world. And there have been different kinds and types of embroidery. Among them is bead embroidery. This is actually the kind which many people try to avoid. Why? It is because this embroidery can be expensive and seems to be more complicated. But, if you can do it right, bead embroidery can be the most enjoyable and satisfying beadwork that you can do.

Another problem with this kind of embroidery is that finding great patterns and easy to do projects is quite hard. So where can you possibly find a pattern and project to start on? There are basically two places where you can get them;

• Your favorite embroidery shop. Ask the owner if ever they have patterns and easy to do bead embroidery projects. Some shops are offering exclusive patterns which are mostly not placed in the display area.

• Search online. As always, you can try searching the Internet for bead embroidery patterns as well as instructions on how to do a project right.

Now that you have a pattern and instructions for your project, the next thing that you should do is to prepare the items that you will need. It is important to have a complete set of them. Here are the things that you will need;

a.) Fabric – mostly, you will need the woven one; at the cross stitch section of your favorite shops, you can find a 28-count linen which will best suit this kind of embroidery project.

b.)Needles – choose needles that are suitable for beading; mostly size 12 needles will be fine.

c.) Thread – you can use thread like Nymo since it won’t be seen in the design anyway.

d.) Beads – choose the right sizes and colors of the beads that will suit the design in your project.

e.) Backing papers – you can find these in most embroidery supplies stores.

Aside from the items above, there are still things that you need in order to have a great bead embroidery project. These are the following;

a.) Embroidery frame – this is better than using embroidery hoops as you can control the tightness and avoid buckling.

b.)Pattern – it is important that you have a clear and understandable pattern. If you want, you can make a copy of this and keep the original for further use.

c.) Permanent markers – you will need these in marking the area of the pattern which you have finished

Okay, so you’re good to go. You can now say that you will have a successful bead embroidery project. But, don’t be so sure until you’ve read on these tips:

• Make sure that you have enough of all the items that you need. The threads and beads are the things that mostly run out in the middle of the project. You may want to have several needles in case the one you are using breaks.

• Be sure to use a thread length you are comfortable with. A very long thread may tangle and cause you trouble in the middle of your project.

• Proper lighting is necessary so keep your working place properly illuminated at all times.

Even though bead embroidery is expensive and seems quite hard to finish, you can still have a great project. You just have to keep in mind several important things such as to have a complete set of the things that you need, to follow the tips in beading, and to know where you’ll get your items.

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